lyrics and music by Len Wallace
(recorded on CULTURE SHOCKed)
- song written for the 50th anniversary of the 1945 Windsor Ford Strike by members of United Auto Workers Local 200

In 1939 I came to Ford City
Worked like hell till the war was won.
Fought to build a life, fought for the union
Only to find another begun
A dirty war had just begun

CHORUS: So, come on, Marie, we're goin' for a ride
Take the road by the river and drive real slow
Stop at the gate, throw away the keys
Stop the car in the middle of the road
Leave the car standin' in the road!

Mr. Ford said he's tired of the union
Time to let 'em know who runs the show.
“Call up the cops and end this damn strike!
Time that the union gotta go”, he says
The union's just gotta go.

>br> Fightin' Mike said they're hawling in scabs
We gotta stop the cops, we gotta hold the line.
Get in your cars and drive to the plant,
Park 'em at the gates and hold the line.
You know we gotta hold that line!


Hey, Mister Ford, we'll turn your world around.
Did you really think you could run this town.
The cars we make can keep your profit growin'
But the same damn cars can shut you down.
We'll shut Ford City down!


The cops and the bulls just howl at their plight.
We're standing there cheering, laughing with delight.
Sixteen hundred cars with no place to!
Swear I've never seen such a prettier sight
Never seen such a sight!


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