"Watch out. If you approach these recordings with an open mind,
you might end up taking expensive accordion lessons."
- Dirty Linen, Folk and World Music magazine


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"Wallace writes in the tradition of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie - populist songs about working people. With virtuoso accordion, powerful songs, and Wallace's passionate vocal delivery, Midnight Shift may be one of the strongest old-style folk albums in the guide.
Rated FOUR STARS PLUS! Outstanding. Album of unqualified excellence. Recommended."
Northern Journey: A Guide to Canadian Folk Music by Gene Wilburn, Reference Press

"Midnight Shift is a moving collection of songs celebrating working people. You'll see something of interest here whether you're from the east (Men of the Midnight Shift, the west (Back Breaking Day)or from out in left field (his polka version of Takin' Care of Business)."
- CBC Radio, "Heartland"

Men of the Midnight Shift (Len Wallace) Mama Said (Terry Jones) Never Tire of the Road (Andy Irvine) Celto-Slavic Fusion I: Ned of the Hill / Vzyav bi Ya Banduru / The Bottom of the Punch Bowl / Zahraj Meni Muzychenko / Mason's Apron Leaving the Fishing Behind (Len Wallace) Back Breaking Day (Len Wallace) If They Come in the Morning (Jack Warshaw) 8. Celto-Slavic Fusion II: O'Neill's Cavalry March / Paracinka Kolo (traditional arranged by Len Wallace) Takin' Care of Business (Randy Bachman, arrangement Len Wallace) 10. Cold Piece of Steel (Len Wallace) Sing the Eagle Home (Len Wallace)

Available on both cassette and CD
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CD: $17.00 (postage included)


Winds of Change (Len Wallace) Rebellion's Time/Mackenzie's Foray (Len Wallace) Tree of Life (Len Wallace) West Country Lady (Dermot O'Reilly) Reels: Lady Mary Stopford / Small Coals for Nailers / Boisdale Reel Jute Mill/Cropper Lad (Mary Brookbank/traditional) Grandola, Vila Morena (Jose Afonso) Scarborough Settler's Lament (Sandy Glendenning) Cross Canada Checkup: Verkhovina / De'il Amang the Tailors / Old French Reel / Le Sirop d'Erable / Soloveyko / Verkhovina / Kolomeika / Le Sirop d'Erable Kolibyelnaya Lullabye (V. Lebeda Kumacha and I. Dunayevski)

Available only on CD

$17.00 each (postage included)


Blackleg Miner (traditional) They've Gone and Closed the Doors (Len Wallace) Newfoundlanders (Bob Bossin) Between the Wars (Billy Bragg) A Man's A Man for A' That (Robert Burns) Mary Ellen Carter (Stan Rogers) Hornpipe/Reels: Cuckoo's Nest / Pigeon on a Gate / Swallow's Tail Viva La Quince Brigada (Christy Moore) / Viva La Quince Brigada (traditional) 9. No Man's Land (Eric Bogle) Ruskii Chastushki (Russian traditional instrumental) Two Good Arms (Charlie King) L'Internationale (Eugene Pottier & Pierre Degeyter)

Available only on CD
$17.00 each (postage included)


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